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Call on the services of a professional to care for your garden and landscape your green spaces.

Are you looking for a gardener to keep your garden looking good ? Do you want to change the way you care for your garden and encourage biodiversity ? Do you have a landscaping or renaturing project in mind for your green spaces ?

Forestry Solutions, the landscaping specialist, can guide and support you through all your projects by offering bespoke services.

After discussing your needs with you, we will present a landscaping plan that involves all the various stages: creating green spaces and paths, caring for existing trees (pruning and removal), planting and seeding, etc.

We have equipment and forest machinery that is suited to all soil types and can be used for gardens of any size, regardless of obstacles (access difficulties, steep slopes, etc.), enabling our teams to work effectively and carefully in compliance with the highest safety standards.

Aménagement paysager

Our logging specialists and forest machine operators are used to performing work that requires an excellent command of logging techniques and the ability to manoeuvre diggers and cranes with ease.

To prepare the ground, we perform land clearing and excavation work to section off and/or level out the various spaces.

As well as making your garden more aesthetically attractive, this work will facilitate the use and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. One advantage of land clearing is that it improves soil quality for growing plants and trees – this is the case with vines, for example, which need to be replanted every 40 years.

We can also install fences to section off your garden, stop animals from getting in and protect your home.

Had you ever thought of creating a sustainable garden ?

To enjoy your garden to the full without it becoming a burden in terms of care and watering, we can create biotopes.

Jardin durable

Landscaping your garden to encourage biodiversity means :

  • Selecting trees, shrubs, hedges and plants based on soil type, orientation, climate and nearby buildings or infrastructures

  • Mulching your plants to protect the land from rain and reduce the need to water

  • Creating a garden pond or lake with aquatic plants

  • Adding an insect hotel and nest boxes

  • etc.

Creating a sustainable garden is a way of protecting the environment and enjoying your outdoor spaces for as long as possible without needing to spend a fortune on care and maintenance.

Travaux forestiers

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