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Forestry Solutions, your partner in Luxembourg for all your forest management needs.

We specialise in forestry and can support woodland owners and local authorities in managing and developing their forests.

We can offer guidance or act as a manager and coordinator for all your Forestry Contracting and reforestation needs as well as tree care and maintenance.

Whether your land is a private wood, a state-owned forest or a plot of young woodland, we offer services suited to all needs to guarantee sustainable woodland management and maintain biodiversity, regenerative capacity and therefore productivity.

We use our forestry expertise to carry out an initial assessment and prioritise the most urgent work.

Our experienced loggers and agricultural machine operators perform all the work in teams, providing you with an effective, environmentally friendly service in compliance with safety guidelines.

With our fleet of forest machinery – pickups, tipper trucks, tractors with winches and timber trailers, grinders, cranes, etc. –, we can work on all types of land.

To help you get the most out of your woodland, we offer a comprehensive range of services :

  • Tree pruning

  • Thinning (selecting the best young trees if the tree canopy becomes too dense)

  • Clearing brushwood, shredding branches and leaves

  • Mulching (forestry mulcher or rotary slasher)

  • Felling trees

  • Logging (transporting felled trees)

  • Timber scaling to determine the market value of the wood

  • Reforestation: planting, seeding

  • Treatment for pests (oak processionary caterpillars)

  • etc.


We support woodland owners through every stage of the maintenance and development of their land.

For young woodland or plots that need to be reforested, we can offer advice by estimating the scale of the reforestation (drawing up a precise map of the plot), taking any access issues into consideration and helping owners select new species to plant.

Several factors must be taken into account for young plantations, including soil type, climate, competition with existing trees, wildlife in your forest, etc.

Depending on your goals – whether you want to use your woodland for commercial purposes or landscape your plot –, we can point you towards the best choices in terms of reforestation and sustainable management.

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