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Call on a professional for your tree pruning and removal needs.

Forestry Solutions is on hand to help individuals and professionals with any needs related to the maintenance, preservation and landscaping of trees and wooded areas.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services for jobs of any size and scale, from private gardens to public spaces and woodland estates.


Tree pruning and maintenance

Pruning is an important stage in tree care as it keeps the tree in good health, helps it grow properly and in the way that you want it to, and improves its productivity (for fruit trees or silviculture).

Removing or trimming dead or live branches from a tree can also be necessary for safety reasons to ensure that it does not encroach on a road, come too close to your home or fall foul of environment constraints (e.g. nearby electrical cables or existing plants/trees). It also improves the appearance of the tree.

After a detailed inspection, our tree surgeons will prune your trees and shrubs carefully and appropriately.

We are equipped and trained to carry out pruning in dangerous conditions and/or hard-to-access areas. You can rest assured that we will carry out our work carefully and in compliance with all safety guidelines.

As well as caring for your green spaces, we also offer other services such as:

  • Lawn mowing (including large areas such as parks, stadiums, golf courses, etc.)

  • Planting trees and shrubs

  • Mulching 

  • Detecting and dealing with oak processionary caterpillars

  • etc.


Felling trees

There are certain applicable rules and regulations when felling trees, aimed at preserving the safety of the operators and the neighbourhood and avoiding any risk to surrounding homes and infrastructures.

Without an expert command of logging techniques and suitable equipment, the task can soon become complicated or even impossible.

We have a fleet of forest machinery, especially cranes, and tree climbing equipment (ropes, harnesses, slings, safety belts, etc.) to work safely at a height.

We work for professionals, local authorities and also individuals, performing work ranging from conventional tree removal to cases that involve a level of risk and/or access difficulties.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including cutting branches and trunks, stump grinding or grubbing, shredding branches and vegetation, Skidding (transporting felled trees) and timber scaling to determine the value of the wood for future use or sale.

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